Can you explain how Reech works for an Influencer in under two minutes?


It’s simple! Reech puts Influencers in touch with Brands that match their profiles.

Create at least one Influencer profile

An Influencer profile can include multiple social profiles (one of each kind: Facebook, YouTube, Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, with even more coming soon!). The more social profiles you link, the more visible you’ll be to Brands which, in turn, will lead to higher earnings.

Complete your profile

Once you’ve created your Influencer profile, you’re on the right track, so don’t stop there! Don’t forget to:

  • Manage your services (add, disable, edit rates). A few service examples are: "Sponsored tweet", "Sponsored article", etc.
  • Give your audience as much information as you can by uploading Twitter or Facebook page activity reports, to which Brands wouldn’t otherwise have access.

Build relationships with Brands

There are several ways to do this:

1. Wait for Brands to contact you

Once your first Influencer profile has been created, we notify Brands that could be interested. However, they don’t always have an immediate influencer marketing need (they might be waiting until they have a new product to promote to contact you). So sometimes it can take a while before you receive your first proposal from a Brand.

Brands can contact you via different channels:

  • A simple message: It’s just like an email, but better! Because it improves both your and Brands’ productivity.
  • An offer: This is a paid partnership proposal (sponsored article, sponsored tweet, product placement, etc.) that you are free to accept or decline. The rate is determined by the Brand, but you can make a counter-offer.
  • A quote request: This is a proposal identical to the offer, but with the difference that the Brand doesn’t decide the rate; you’re the one who makes the first offer.

To continue receiving proposals from Brands, you need to respond to each one either positively or negatively.

2. Contact Brands directly 

If you are eligible, you can access the list of Brands on Reech that would like to receive Influencer suggestions by clicking here.